Interacting with the Game
Congratulations! You are now a real Soma citizen!
Before you rush out to begin slaying powerful monsters, you may wish to know a bit about how to interact with the game and the other players around you. 
When you first arrive in Soma, you will be in a public area of Thousand Year Town. Your initial possessions will be….nothing! After speaking with a few NPC's you may receive different weapons, depending on your Stats, but they will be "practice weapons," and do only very limited damage. You will want to acquire new weapons and equipment as soon as possible. 
The first task you'll want to do is learn how to walk/run around. You can also familiarize yourself with your Character Window and practice picking up, selecting or using items. Practice in the area where you were placed, as you will be inside town, into a guarded zone, and safe from harm. 

Walking Around
You move by left-clicking. Place your cursor over a point on the screen and left-click. You will face and take a step towards the cursor until you reach the selected point.

You can run instead of walking. To run you need to press the CTRL Key while walking.

Talking to Others
Conversing with other players is very easy in Soma. Merely type what you wish to say and hit the enter key. Your text will appear above your character's head and into the general Chat box on upper left side of the game window. There are additional keystrokes that allow you to yell or to whisper to a particular ID. These keystrokes can be learned in the User Guide.

At any time, you can access your backpack to check what you are currently carrying. To view your inventory, click on the backpack icon on the right of the game window. This will open the backpack and display your inventory. 
Highlighting an item by moving the mouse cursor on it will display all visible information about it. Double-clicking or Right clicking on an item of your inventory will attempt to use it, if possible.

Monster Attack Mode and PK Mode
You can fight in Soma whenever you are in "Monster Attack Mode" or "PK mode". To enter in Monster attack mode, hit Tab key once. You'll notice spheres in health bar turning blue in color. Double-clicking on a monster will then cause you to advance and engage in combat. 
To leave War mode, single-click the same button (now named "War"). 
Be extremely careful when targeting while in "war"! Double-clicking on an NPC or another player will count as an attack against them, whether or not you actually make contact with the target. This will cause you to be flagged as a criminal ("grey") and other players will be able to kill you without repercussion for a short period. 

At any time during game play you can also access the Help file. Do this by clicking the 'Help' icon located on the right hand side of the game window. 
Have Fun citizen, many Quests, Adventures and friends are waiting for you in the world of Soma.


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