In Myth of Soma there's a unique crafting system. With the items and the materials gathered while hunting, you can craft armour, weapons, potions, accessories and food. Each of these items can be crafted at a specific location in the game:

PotionReagent Table

How to craft each of these objects is up to the user's experience in game, only the method for the basic weapons and armour which can be bought in town shops is currently open to public knowledge (Refer to the Encyclopedia of this site).

There is no level restriction that will limit what you can create, but its better to eventually get an higher level because gathering materials will be more difficult and because you will surely have an increased carrying weight. Furthermore, the level of each skill can be increased independently although the total of all your crafting skills cannot exceed a certain amount of points. Therefore, you may decide to concentrate on one or two skills intensively rather than increasing various skills to a moderate level.
The manufacturing skills are increased by your successes and they're also dependant on your current skill level. Therefore create the most difficult item as your skill increases to prevent a 'slow down' of your progress.
Crafting is greatly dependant on probability and a bit of luck, so you should take more materials than items to be made. However, your skill level has a large effect on the success rate. For the materials you are to use it is important to stick with the same types, i.e. if you need 2 pieces of metal use two of the same type. The ranks of durability amongst the metals are as follows: Copper bar>Iron bar>Orcish bar>Stigee metal. As your crafting skill improves, the damage capability of weapons crafted also increases, depending on the material used.
Besides the basic items, there are lots of items to be made, so experiment.

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