Isometric Rendered High resolution Graphics

Character Cycle of Life: your character lives into a world with day & night cycles, you can also develop up to 11 different skills, categorised as Combat or Crafting

Choose to become a brave Warrior, Mystic Wizard or a respected and trusted Crafter, crafting Unique & valuable tools, weapons, armors etc.

A Social and Economical System with price variations, stocked items, trades and even in game auctions!

A rich featured Guild System allows you to set guild rules, guild events and even obtain guild villages.

Complete customization of your character outfit: choose between many different combinations of armors and weapons.

Continuous updating: The unRealSoma team will look to provide regular updates to expand your enjoyment of the game

Two different races: Chose your race; Humans or Devils. Each has it's own unique strengths...and weaknesses.

War of the Races: each week you'll face a war against the other race, to gain the possession of a special set of maps.

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