n order to play unRealSoma after your 15 hours (real gametime) of trial expired, you will have to subscribe to our service.


o subscribe to our service you need to pay through our online payment method, we don't accept any other payment form except the ones listed in these pages. Unless pre-arranged by unRealMMO.

Currently available Payment Methods are: AlloPass / PayPal / unRealPay

Topup using the following methods SMS or IVR both services are premium rate, Credit and Debit card options are now available.

For subscription amounts select a payment method, AlloPass/HiPay prices will be displayed on the page.

Paypal is a donation service (not subscription) players will only be rewarded with ingame items.

unRealPay is a credit based topup where players can buy credits for their accounts.

For any other ways to pay please conact Support for more information.

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