Prohibition of exchange or trade of Accounts
Account exchange or trade is prohibited. If this will happen, we will have to return the account to the original owner, if he can prove his ownership and if he asks for the account.

Prohibition of character's creation for insulting or misrepresentation of other players.
We will delete any character with a name considered offensive by the community or containing a specific insult to other people's character and/or where the name misrepresents other people's character. However, if the character name is similar to others, we will permit it unless the user won't try to impersonate someone else (for obvious reasons we will be more strict about names similar to staff members characters).

Prohibition of using vulgar or abusive language (including character's name).
Vulgar, abusive and racist language is not welcome in the Myth of Soma world, so please refrain from using unappropriate expressions especially using the shout functions. Excessive foul language can lead to an account suspension (starting from 1 day) which will be dealt on a case by case basis. Also, as expressly stated by the warning window at the character's creation window, characters falling into this category will be deleted without any prior notice.

(Good) Manners
Dissolving and letting out stress is one main reason why people play games, so you all users are responsible for playing a fair game. Any lack of fair play, even if not listed here, could run into a temporary or permanent suspension of player's accounts depending on action's gravity and Game Master's decision.

Grief Playing.
We will strongly respond to indiscriminate player killing especially in some particular areas (which include new players areas and resurrection spots) or blocking access to certain places. If you meet such users, please report them by taking a screenshot using the screen capture function (Ctrl+B) to show character's name. Users responsible for such actions (posts or e-mail without screenshots won't be considered) will be suspended or banned according to the gravity of their actions (starting from a minimum of 2 days for the first offence and 5 days on the second offence). No refund on the game time left in the account will be given. Getting killed repeatedly on the purpose to get someone suspended or when you have a choice to avoid any further death (i.e. : warping to town) won't be considered grief playing.

About luring of monsters.
Luring monsters on purpose inside the town limits or luring them over other players in order to get them killed is to be considered a grief tactic. Killing monsters while standing on a cliff or generally on a different terrain level is allowed, but luring monsters near or to one of these locations is strictly prohibited, it is frowned upon as unfair towards those characters who do not use ranged attacks and therefore perceived as grief tactics, action will be taken against players who would use this kind of tactic. Lurers will be punished with a 1 day suspension on their first offence, 2 days on the seconds offence and 5 days for any further offence.

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